April 4 - April 8, 2019


We're taking a small group on a 5-day adventure to the world's largest LezBiQueer event. Get ready for desert pool parties, nightlife, and community gathering expertly planned and organized for you by Meg Cale the number one female LGBT travel blogger. 











5 Days of Community








Dinah is a cultural rite of passage for queer women, attendance is practically required.


At a time when queer spaces around the world are disappearing and our rights are under attack, it's more important than ever to support our spaces, events, and entrepreneurs. While Dinah can be akin to lesbo spring break - it's also a place where we as a community can let loose and enjoy in some debauchery. 

Dinah is the perfect opportunity to shake off the heaviness and let loose in a space created for and by our people. Use this weekend to basic in self-care, make new friends, and let loose in the desert heat. 

Dinah is a great time whether you're single and on the prowl or happily in a relationship. Dinah is a great place to meet new people, make new friends, and build relationships outside of your home city. Who knows maybe you'll find your new bff or Ms. Right?

Dinah is one part pool party, one part nightlife, and two parts concert. Dinah hasn't released their official performance list yet but count on seeing many famous faces in the crowd in years past they've hosted Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Meghan Trainer, Lady Gaga, UhhuhHer, DJ Whitney Day and numerous other talented performers. 

Fly into Los Angeles 
On the first day we will be arriving in Los Angeles by 2PM where we will meet up with our group and grab lunch before hitting the road in our babe filled bus - okay okay - it's actually a passenger van- but for this dream sequence it's a bus filled with badass queer women headed to Palm Springs. Once we arrive we'll have an hour to chill before dinner and it's off to the first party the Opening Night at Zelda's. 
Joshua Tree 
We'll wake up late and have breakfast as a group - then it's off to the desert to see the desert landscapes and East Jesus Art installation to learn a bit about the area outside of Dinah. We'll head back to Palm Springs for dinner and to get ready for the Dinah's famous White Party. 
Wet and Wild Pool Party 
On day three the full Dinah Crowd will finally be in town. We'll kick things off with a group breakfast and then head down to the pool party. After the pool, we'll have dinner as a group and head out to the Hollywood Party with musical performances at 10pm. 
Sunday Funday 
We'll kick Sunday Funday off with an epic poolside DJ battle, a meet and greet with some of your favorite YouTubers, oh yea and live performances by some of your favorite Celesbians. All that before dinner. After we eat as a group we'll head over to the closing party for one last night on the town. 
Saying Goodbye 
On our last day in Palm Springs we'll grab breakfast and check out of our rooms before heading back to LAX for flights home. 
Your Itinerary
The best part about this trip is once you step off the airplane everything is planned for you. We'll pick you up, match you with an awesome LezBiQueer roommate, hangout with you at all the parties and events - shit we're even feeding you. You have to do the spoon to mouth thing yourself - we're not your momma. Well - unless you're into that - cough - anyway Dinah - pool party - queer folks. Here's what we'll be doing on our trip. 

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What's Included?
-Opening Party Tickets
-Friday Desert Tour 
-White Party Tickets
-Wet and Wild Pool Party Tickets 
-Hollywood Party & Concert Tickets 
-Sunday Funday Party Tickets 
-Ground Transportation 
-Airport transfers from LAX 
- Daily breakfasts and 2 group dinners
- Double Accommodations 
-Two guides to organize the details 
-A ready-made group of friends to chill with 
What's Not Included?
-Travel Insurance
-Airfare, baggage fees or airport taxes 
-Personal Expenses 
-Some Meals 

There are 20 spots available, the trip will likely sell out.

April 4 - April 8, 2019 -- $1550

If you cancel your reservation within 90 days of the trip there is no refund. Up to the 90-day point, there is a 50% refund available. Deposit and trip payment are nontransferable. You expressly agree that by booking this trip, you accept, agree and understand that trip details are subject to change. Ultimately our goal is to provide you with a safe, fun, and rewarding experience. In the event that you miss your flight, we are not liable. You also accept, agree, and understand that there are inherent risks associated with physical activities you participate in. Therefore, you expressly acknowledge and assume responsibility for such risks and that you are alone responsible for your decision to participate in such activities. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Meet Your Guide

Dinah Shore Weekend is located in Palm Springs, California near some of the coolest sites in the desert. During our Dinah adventure we'll be taking a day trip to visit some of the coolest road trip stops, artist communes, and must see sights in the SoCal desert.